Welcome to Disclosure.Ninja

This is a new alternative media outlet that’s focused on sharing the truth as it’s uncovered! We all know that the governments of this world have only one purpose to serve the elite and push corporate interests. For as far back as recorded history shows we – the people – have been subjected to a controlled tyranny in the disguise of kings, queens and governments. However, I want to share with you that we’re also “Not Alone” in the cosmic sense because all these kings, queens and governments serve a higher master, and no this isn’t God or the One Infinite Creator it is instead unfortunately of extraterrestrial of origin!

Don’t believe me then check out the evidence within this site, I think you’ll be surprised at how little you may really know about this world, who you are and worse who owns you and your soul!

I really hope for this site to become a success as I would like to spread the word, the truth as best ‘We’ the so-called little people can honestly call truth through science, research and whistleblowers. The truth will be known and together we can continue to press on and find it.

This site is not about deceiving people or trying to change your opinion, that’s yours, however, I can say that to the most likely audience that will come here, you already know the situation and are looking for that daily info report. I personally have spent a long time now fully researching and discovering the multitude of hidden layers that the truth is buried under and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.I needed to share this knowledge and this is the start of the Disclosure.Ninja.

Happy truth seeking!