Cloud Ship over Ecuador?

ufo cloud ship

In the following video below, you are going to see an extremely strange sky phenomenon. MrMBB333 is showing this footage and he’s dumbfounded for words to even describe what it he’s seeing.

Within the spiritual community, we’re well aware of beings that live on alternative planes of existence to the ones we are able to discern with our eyes or instrumentation. People speaking on behalf of these benevolent groups have said that this is there ships, as they are not quite corporal as we know and usually are at such a high vibration rate that  they aren’t detected. However, from time to time they will de-cloak themselves, and manifest within our visual spectrum.

This is what I believe we are seeing here, indeed what is termed a cloud ship. It’s clearly, moving changing shape and even disappears! What’s more is it’s shining it’s own light source which is far away from the setting sun in a completely different direction.

Enjoy the video!