The Event – Ascension – March 2018? Regression details, before, during and after the Event

Alison Coe regression therapist

Some people might be skeptical of this sort of information and rightly so, people should always use there cognitive capacity to think for themselves and always look at the evidence provided. Alison does a fantastic job of explaining just this about using your discernment and how even she is always skeptical and questioning.

However, as she presents, it’s clear to her from the work with her clients that there is multiple points of correlation and consistency between these separate peoples sessions, which really starts to make one wonder if the Event really is just around the corner?

Please take a look and enjoy, she’s a lovely lady whom has a clear passion for her work and is clearly excited by the information she’s receiving. As always use your descernment, but also, don’t close yourselves off to new idea’s and concepts if this is something new to you.

In the future I will be making some more posts about the Event. However, for now if you would like further information you can find out at website which is dedicated to revealing the truth of the world and preparing the population for the upcoming EVENT.